The Search of Nerikomi

Neriage(Nerikomi) is a one way of making ceramics and it has an attraction for me.

But when making Neriage separation can easily occur the seams of the pattern since Neriage is made by layering many different colored clays.

And these colored clays each have different contraction rates, so pieces warp easily.

Also , Neriage is not beatiful if the colored clays are blended.

Therefore Neriage is difficult, but it is the challenge that gives me an incentive to try.

Additionally, Neriage lends itself to making a lot of patterns using your own approaches and idias.

The most important thing for artist is originality.

Shape, color, patern・・・you shoud make these in your way.

This is a creative world.

I'd like to bring life to my original works through Neriage with my experience and ideas.