1949 Born in Iwamizawa-city, Hokkaido in Japan

Relevant Work History

1977-1994 Worked as guidance teacher at an institution for the mentally handicapped peaple

1986 Set up studio in Shinshinotsu village Hokkaido

2017 move studio to Iwamizawa city

1992  official member of Hokkaido Ceramic Art Association

2003  a member of the Japan Crafts Association

Selected public collections

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Asian Art Museum, San Francisco,CA

Chazen Museum of Art, University of Wisconsin,Wl

Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
Minneapolis Institute of Art,MN
New Orieans Museum of Art,LA
Sent Louis Museum of Art,

The Art Institue of Chicago



1984 Enty to All Hokkaido  Ceramic Exhibition (thereafter every year until '00)
1988 Awarded Hokkaido Newspaper Prize , Japan  

2000 judge special prize , Mashiko Ceramic Exhibition

2005 East Japan Area Prize, 45th Japan Traditional Art Crafts New Warks Competition

        Oribe Silver Prize, Gendai chato-ten, Toki,Gifu (Contemporary Tea Ceramics Exhibition)

2016 Japan Ceramic Society Hokkaido New works Exhibition


"Ceramics of Traditional Crafts"Honoho Geijusu. vol. 79
"Serial essay " Toyu (2009-2010)
"Feature on Neriage" Honoo Geijutsu vol. 116




1985 Nihon dento kogeiten(Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition    thereafter additional 7 times )

        Higashinihon dento kogeiten (The  East Japan Traditional Art Craft Exhibition   thereafter 33 additional times )

1986 Chunichi International Ceramic Exhibition (also in '87)

1998 Mashiko tougeiten (Mshiko Ceramics Competition  slso in '02 '04 '08 )

2000 Gendai chato-ten (Contemporary Tea Ceramics Exhibition  thereafter additional 9times )

2003 Nihon tougei-ten (Japan Ceramics Exhibition  also in '05)

2005 The First Kikuchi Biennale (Tokyo)

2006 Cool & Sophisticated:Contemparary Master Ceramisists of Eastern Japan (Ceramic Art Museum in Ibaraki)

2007 Asahi Ceramics Exhibition

       Choza-sho Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition (also in '11)

2009 Eastern Departures, Joan B Mirviss LTD, NY

2010 Blue, Joan B Mirviss LTD, NY

        SOFA West,Santa Fe ; Joan B Mirviss , LTD NM
        Higashinihon dento kogei-ten (Eastern Japan Traditional Art Crafts Association Exhibition), MOA Museum,Atami Japan

2012 Earth & Alchemy, Stephn D.Paine Gallery, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston,MA

2013 The Eight Winds ; Chinese Influence on Japanese Ceramics, Joan B Mirviss LTD, NY

2014 Mino Shoroku sho chato ten (Mino Shoroku Aword Teabowl Exhibition )
        The 42'nd Dento kogei tougeibukai ten (Traditional Art Crafts Ceramic Art Devision Exhibition)

        Into the Fold; Contemporary Japanese Ceramics and their Sources, San Antonio Museum of Art, Tx

       Tsubo;The Art of the Vessel, Asia Week New York Exhibition in collaboration with Shibuya Kurodatoen Co, Joan    BMirviss        LTD, NY

2016 A Palette for Genius; Japanese Water Jars for the Tea Ceremony , Asia Week New York Exhibition in cllaboration with            Shibuya KurodatoenCo, Joan B Mirviss LTD, NY 

       The 1'st Japan Ceramic Society Hokkaido New works Exhibition , Hokkaido


2017 The Ceramics by Japan Ceramic Society Aword winner Exhibition , Wako in Tokyo


2018 Japan Now: Form +Function (Gardiner Museum/Toronto Canada)


Solo Exhibitions

 Ginza:Kogei Murata /Tokyo American Club /Akasaka:Inui Gallery / Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi /Ginza:Kogei Ima /Ginza:Ippodo   (Tokyo)

 Nakamura Art Saloon (Ibaraki)      Rakubido Chato-kan (Yamagata)  Saito Gallery (Sapporo) Abenoharukasu・Art Gallery(Osaka)